See the Turtle, Feel the Turtle, Be the Turtle

August 9, 2006

Why is it that everyone expects things to happen so quickly today? Is it really that important your photos are developed in an hour? Does the earth fall to pieces if your car ride home took ten extra minutes? Will life as we know it cease to exist if your shipment is delayed a day?

No. It isn’t, it doesn’t and it won’t. If you continually follow this path of globalized-ultra connected- high speed life, you’re going to miss out on everything around you. You’ll become a crabby person who is always disatisified.

Do the words “Patience is a virtue” ring a bell? They should. Stop running so fast, it’s time we walk a bit.


3 Responses to “See the Turtle, Feel the Turtle, Be the Turtle”

  1. Reuben Says:

    good idea, trust me, once you start driving, you’ll see just how much of a rush some people are in.

    But when my shipment is delyed, trust me, I go ker-ploink. I live to skate…


  2. wandamercinelli Says:

    in response to reuben, if he ever checks this… i do drive. i find it highly ridiculous how fast people go. it’s not necessary to drive 90 mph. you really don’t have to be anywhere that quickly.

  3. vitatips Says:

    You can also notice this if you ever walk anywhere in a larger town. Buisnessmen and women hurrying about, yapping in their cell phones, not paying any attention to the people they’re passing by. Tis sad.

    That’s one reason I like photography, it gives me a whole different pace. I can sort of “sit down and relax” and not have to rush around thinking about where I need to be next.

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