August 26, 2006

I pose to you, the reader, this question:

Do you feel you accomplished anything this summer?


2 Responses to “Accomplishments”

  1. Reuben Says:

    absulutly positivly NOT.

    I love summer.

    I did get my permit, skated alot, got my longboard set up, and went to Purple Door. But other then that, Nothing.

    Listing to Further Seems Forever puts me in a weird mood. Emo does that to me…


  2. cheeseball Says:

    Deffinantly. At the beginning of my summer I composed a mental list of things I would like to accomplish during my summer. I came up with these three things.

    1) I played at two gigs
    2) I completely recorded one song
    3) Err…I forget right now. lol

    I’m happy to say that I accomplished them all. Woohoo! 🙂


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