March 7, 2007

How often do you thank God?

Sure, everyone says “thanks for the food, big man” before filling their gluttonous stomachs. But how often do you thank Him for everything? (when I say “everything”, I mean everything.)

I did it today. I woke up and thanked God for my sheets, and my mattress, and the heat in my house, my socks, my shoes, my shirt, my purse, my car, my keys, my breakfast, my friends, my computer, the internet, my cats, carpeting, mousepads, card tables, air, muscles, organs, sight, sense, smell, touch, taste… the list goes on. i hardly spoke a word all day, my mind occupied with things I’m thankful for.

I went to Panama not to long ago on a return missions trip. I forgot how technologically impaired and anti-luxurious their lives were. I just don’t think about it much. Do you? When you stare down at the breakfast most likely paid for you by your parents or the money you got from your job? Do you imagine the people who don’t have that?

I know I don’t. And it makes me feel guilty.

The Lord says, “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Granted, that’s such an “overused” Bible verse… but I think it needs to be. It’s in our nature to think about ourselves. If we don’t have it crammed into our head as a reminder daily… we just won’t think about it.

Stop being selfish, and give thanks.


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