Take a Break

March 30, 2007

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my past year of semi-serious blogging, it’s that you can only keep something going for so long. After awhile your willpower gives out, you run out of time, you give up. For me it’s usually time.

I started posting here at VitaTips again around the beginning of March. I decided I really wanted to go at it, bring it back to life. I went pretty good, posting almost everyday — until the past week. Time needs to be spent on school and other work..it gets lost in the background.

Another one of my big problems is not seeing immediate results. I’m the kind of guy who, if I don’t see something happening right away, I lose interest. The problem is — you can’t do that. For example, with blogging you have to keep at it for awhile, build up a archive of good (good content-filled!) posts, and post regularly. (Regularly does not mean every day for every blog. Once or twice a week works for some.)

The main thing that makes a blog good is content. It makes a person want to read it, because it shows them something new, builds them up, teaches them skills.. it’s valuble. I guess the point I’m driving at is that blogging is a lot like life. You’ve got to keep pushing, even when it gets tough. Life isn’t going to be easy. Do something worthy of your time, don’t waste the chances you have. Get out and make a difference.


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