What is “Beauty”

April 6, 2007

I got around to watching Dove’s short video of how they take an ordianary-looking person and turn her into a “beautiful model”. I encourage you to view the short film yourself.

The odd thing is they end the explanatory film with the words “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.” If they’ve realized this, why do they (and many other peoples) continue to use this widely used technique of beautifying people. They’ve even admited it isn’t real. Yet they keep doing it?

CCM Magazine tackled this large subject of beauty and how it’s portrayed in our culture today, for which I give them a big thumbs up. They came right out and told everyone that those beautiful Christian artists you see on CDs — they aren’t real. Or at least how they look. Read through the whole article! I’m wondering if this will change how Christian artists will portray themselves at all, but I think the problem has sunk so deep it will be hard to extract.

People are used to seeing beautiful people. They look up to them. What would happen if all those supposedly perfect people stepped outside of their facades and everyone saw them for who they really are?


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