Time to Learn

April 19, 2007

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a break from..well, most things in general. (That a break can be taken from.) I’ve been learning, and relearning. Trying to learn.

What is love? It’s an interesting idea, but tricky to entirely carry out. Love is patient and kind. Am I always patient with people and kind to everyone? No. I mess up all the time, and I can’t ever seem to truly love anyone. Sure, I try to..but it never entirely works out.

I’ve been trying to understand God’s grace. Again. Perhaps we can never truly “understand” it, but we can at least..know it. Or some such thing.

Mostly, I’ve been searching. Trying to grow. That’s why I haven’t been posting here as much. And such journies entail a new tagline for VitaTips: Tips from a Fellow Traveler

More to come..


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