What Is Love?

May 5, 2007

I’ve been thinking a lot recently. I haven’t been able to put any of my thoughts onto paper, or “21st century paper”. Thoughts have sort of just been swirling about, and nothing has settled.

Love is one thing I’ve really been trying to understand lately. What is love? True love.. I’ve been realizing how, according to 1st Corinthians, I have not truly loved anyone.

Love is patient. Am I always understanding with my friends, am I always able to wait without being anxious? Sometimes I just can’t wait for things to happen, certain things in life to progress. I am not patient.

Love is kind. Am I always a loving and caring person? No, there are times where I can’t or don’t understand situations, and I don’t always reach out and even just give a few uplifting words when I should. I am not kind.

Love is not envious. Am I always happy with what I have and not looking at what my friends have? I admit, I’d love to have some of the things other people I know have.. I am not content.

Love is not boastful. Am I always humble, not going around trying to make myself look better? Sometimes it’s a little slip of “what I’m doing” into the conversation, in hopes to make someone think better of me. I want people to think better of me – sometimes I boast. I am not humble.

Love is not proud. Am I always contrite, lifting up other people and letting “praise of myself come from another’s mouth and not my own”? No, I do boast about stuff sometimes. I am not contrite.

Love is not rude or self-seeking. Am I always as polite as I should be, putting others before myself? I try to further myself, forgetting other people at times. I am not selfless.

Love is not easily angered. Am I always calm and try to settle things in a good way? No, I do get mad at people sometimes. I have a bad temper, especially around some people. I am not angerless.

Love is a keeper of no wrongs. Am I always the first person to let go of something someone did to me? No..I still hold on to hurts of years past, how so-and-so caused me strife. I am not forgiving.

Love is not delighted with evil. Am I always absent from sin and when I fall into sin do I resist it? I’ll be the first to admit that I have fallen into sin many times, and I have “delighted in evil”, as much as I hate to admit it. I am not pure.

Love is rejoicing in truth. Am I always rejoicing in God’s truth? I love worshipping God, but at times I have set it aside for something else seemingly better. It really isn’t. I am not forever-praising.

Love is protects. Am I always standing up for the little guy? I have given into peer pressure at time, and either made fun of whoever, or just not done what I could to stop them. I am not saving.

Love is trusting. Am I always one to trust everyone? I have been doubtful of people, especially their love they may have for me. Trust is one of my biggest issues.. trusting people is hard. I am not trusting.

Love is hope. Am I always hoping, believing that God will work everything out for good? No, I try to take things into my own hands at time, not trusting with hope. I am doubtful, and I am usually the kind of person who sees the glass as “half-empty”. I am not hopeful.

Love is perseverance. Am I always pushing forward? Somedays I entirely give up as the world washes over me. I even forget to trust in God, and believe in him.. I loose hope. I am not running.

Love is never failing. I have failed too many times to count. I’m a loser. But thankfully, God takes my failures and makes them into victories.

God is amazing.


One Response to “What Is Love?”

  1. Great post, Mike. It is humbling to realize how inadequate we are at loving others as we ought. But oh, how great is our God.

    The Rebelution now links to you.

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