Different Fields

September 3, 2008

I was reading today in my college class book, “Reel Spirituality” about how Catholics and Protestants differ. 

“…Catholic theologians and artists tend to emphasize the presence of God in the world, while the classic works of Protestant theologians tend to emphasize the absence of God from the world.”

This made me think, as I am a Protestant myself and it’s interesting to compare my views with others. The general thought is to stay away from worldly things or you will stray from God. While on the other hand, you could seek to find God in the worldly things.

This (and other compounding factors) brought me to this thought.

God is in all things. The problem is when you make all things God.

You can find threads of Christianity, God, and love in secular music, movies, and other entertainment. In fact, we need to keep that line of communication open between the church and the world. As Bishop T.D. Jakes said in an interview with Time magazine,

“[Cinema] can be [the next frontier of evangelism]. The gospel is not about standing and saying ‘Come to me.’ It’s about going where they are, and the world is at the theater.”


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