Dear Little Girl

September 6, 2008

Little girl, you’re loving wrong. Your love is meant to be directed in one direction, to one man alone. Save yourself for him. Think of the beauty of your friendship one day. Stop chasing the boys, get to know what a man is, search for the one. Don’t give your heart to any other.

I know it’s hard right now. You feel alone. You feel like no one loves you. But you are loved. Foremost, God loves you – no one can ever take that away. Your friends and family love you – even when it doesn’t seem like it and you don’t know it for sure. Your future husband loves you and yearns for the day you meet.

You are beautiful. Don’t listen to the voices. They tell you lies, they twist the truth. Beauty is more than what they say – they don’t want you to know that. When you know the truth, you will be free from their lies. Please, believe it, girl. You are beautiful.

Girl, you are more than a number. They put you in boxes, they label you along with others. You are a unique person, you are one among the many ones. You don’t need their brand names to belong. You belong, just by being here. 

I cry for you. I wish you could see the truth. Please, believe. Understand all the words I cannot say. I cannot pack my emotion into any list of nouns and adjectives. Know this..

You are loved.


One Response to “Dear Little Girl”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Wow. That sounded very heartfelt. Thank you. That was very sweet and encouraging. Thank you.

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