September 9, 2008

We’ve all been looking for something
we know it’s out there, waiting
we wander from day to day
looking, searching for something new
yet we still linger
we still wonder
is there more than this sunup, sundown 
and nothing in between?

I know you’ve been looking
I’m at your side, my eyes flickering
where is the fire we thought we had
was it only an ember
a meaningless moment
meant to die away with the others
are we ever to be fulfilled by anything?

I’ll tell you
it’s not in films
made of sounds and colors
it’s not in food
even the most elegant
it’s not in people
no matter their status quo
it’s not in late nights
it’s not in walks and oceans and skies
it’s not music or pictures

It’s everywhere
it’s waiting
for you

Realize true love, true life
it’s not where you’re living, 
how you’re living
it’s why you exist
it’s love


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