Blank White

September 11, 2008

What is it like to be perfect? Every thought that passes your mind is pure and beautiful. You never hurt a person’s feelings. The words just flow from your mouth like the waters from the sea. People flock to your strong voice and amiable character. You never sin. Perfection. That must have been what it was for Jesus.
Did he ever get tired of doing everything right? If all he knew was good, then he would never think of doing wrong. But then, he knew all our pains and worldly afflictions. How does one bathe in mud and remain cleaner than newly fallen snow? Perhaps this is it – purely thought.Our souls are created pure, but misguided at times – it is the Spiritual side of us. Since our souls are lost, they mislead our bodies in word and deed. When we take on our human shell it covers our soul and partially guards it from the mud, as a raincoat keeps you from wetness. The human exterior is covered in sin, and seeps through our “coat” and taints our soul. When we are saved our soul is finally cleansed.  

Jesus’ soul was “found” from the beginning, so it never had the chance to drive him off-course. He began with a soul that knew the way – especially considering he was the way. Thus he was able to feel all things without worry of dirt. He knew what was right and did so. . .but I’m still confused myself.

This is my attempt to understand.


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