Manly Emotions?

October 8, 2008

Recently, I’ve found myself to be a lot more emotional. It’s funny, the picture we hold of a “man” is a nicely tanned, thin, ripped, masculine man. You know the type – at least from pictures. You know what’s weird? Jesus wasn’t in that picture. 

The Bible says there was nothing to make him attractive to men. (He wasn’t the blue-eyed, caucasian, Americanized Jesus we pretend sometimes. He was probably strong, but not excessively or showy.) I bet when he was on earth he was just like you or me. Weird thought, huh?

I once heard; “To be truly strong, you must learn to be gentle.” (or something like that, I’m paraphrasing.) Basically – it isn’t about big muscles and fake smiles. To be more of a man you need to try to be more like the man. Jesus wasn’t any body builder or anything, he was loving.

What’s a man to you? Someone who is pressing 200 pounds or is holding doors open?


One Response to “Manly Emotions?”

  1. Sara Says:

    The ideal man is strong enough to accept that the pure essence of strength is love.Love has nothing to do with physical strength and everything to do with emotional strength. He is strong enough to love another human being unconditionally no matter what and leave the judging part to God.

    The ideal man will not spend a moment of his time trying to lift that 200-pound weight. He will be to busy opening doors for others. Doors build out of emotional strength. To love and allow oneself to be loved is the ultimate proof of strength, and what is stronger than love?

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