I remember a Christmas when, after all the gifts were received, it still felt empty. Presents cannot be what Christmas is about – anymore that’s just another stressor around Christmas time. Christmas was supposed to be a time of love, joy, and peace. Not running around to find the last gift for every last person.

Advent Conspiracy poses a mostly forgotten idea. Worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all. 

Their website explains this idea better than I can, and they point to some other websites with great alternative ideas. Let’s help people this Christmas, instead of giving gifts that are wasted.


What is “Beauty”

April 6, 2007

I got around to watching Dove’s short video of how they take an ordianary-looking person and turn her into a “beautiful model”. I encourage you to view the short film yourself.

The odd thing is they end the explanatory film with the words “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.” If they’ve realized this, why do they (and many other peoples) continue to use this widely used technique of beautifying people. They’ve even admited it isn’t real. Yet they keep doing it?

CCM Magazine tackled this large subject of beauty and how it’s portrayed in our culture today, for which I give them a big thumbs up. They came right out and told everyone that those beautiful Christian artists you see on CDs — they aren’t real. Or at least how they look. Read through the whole article! I’m wondering if this will change how Christian artists will portray themselves at all, but I think the problem has sunk so deep it will be hard to extract.

People are used to seeing beautiful people. They look up to them. What would happen if all those supposedly perfect people stepped outside of their facades and everyone saw them for who they really are?

Glarity Media Store

March 31, 2007

You might have noticed a little ad on the right of VitaTips. (Unless you’re reading via RSS or email.) It’s for Glarity, an upcoming online media store designed specifically for Christians! Here’s their lowdown on what’s coming up!

Glarity Media Store exists to create opportunities for independent and firmly-rooted artists to reap the fruit of their labors, and to bless others with the same.

You can read more about Glarity here! (Also, here’s another great article if you want to read what they’re about.)


March 7, 2007

Ever wonder if abortion is really right or wrong? Go to this site: The Abortion Gallery. Caution: Not for the weak of heart.

Join the Rebelution

March 4, 2007

Ever wanted to do something to change your generation and your life? Check out The Rebelution a “teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.”

Their motto is Do Hard Things. In a culture that encourages you to do what you want and have fun, this is an explosive idea. “And when you have a community of young people mutually committed to doing hard things in their teen years for the glory of God, that’s an incredibly powerful thing.”

Join the rebelution!